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Why you should move to Dubai

Worries and fears

When we start thinking about moving, a lot of questions and fears immediately appear in our head. This is normal, anyone feels vulnerable in another country, with other people’s traditions and orders.

If you have already decided to change your place of residence, in order to calm down, ask yourself a few questions:

– Is it safe in the country where I am now?

– Am I satisfied with my standard of living?

– Do I like the climate, the view outside the window?

– Do I get a quality education here or a high income?

If you could not confidently answer at least one question, then you are really ready to move, you are ready to change yourself and your life for the best!

Moving to Dubai

The whole world is open, a huge number of countries and cities but why do more people choose Dubai, what is the secret of Secret behind it?

Advantages of Dubai over other countries:

– Security. One of the most impotent thing you need to take it under consideration  Dubai’s crime rate is ranked at the bottom when compared to other major cities around the world. If you are looking for a safe and secure city to call home, Dubai should be at the top of your list.

– Support for investors and entrepreneurs at all levels. The UAE authorities, and in particular Dubai, value the reputation of their country, thrives on investments and achievements of foreign partners. Therefore, They are provided with the most comfortable conditions for work and life. Some categories are exempt from tax, others pay tax at a lower rate or participate in a system of bonuses and privileges.

– Rising housing prices. According to market studies, real estate prices in Dubai are growing every year. From 2021 to 2022, prices for apartments in elegant areas of Dubai have risen by 30%. This means that as an investor your capital will grow annually and eventually multiplies by at least 20-30%.

– Easy process of obtaining visas (residence permit) If you buy an estate that costs more than 750.000 dirhams, you will be issued an investor visa, in which you will be able to stay in Dubai for 3 year and can be extended.

– Food prices. Compared to other large cities, where an increase in income = an increase in prices, Dubai is able to competently maintain a pricing policy without raising food prices due to a stable economy.

– A rapidly developing metropolis. Dubai was a small settlement in the desert. Now Dubai is one of the most modern and innovative cities, with building of incredible architecture, shopping malls with world brands and business spaces.

– multicultural :

Perhaps the main feature of Dubai is the people. Here you can meet investors from Asia, businessmen from Canada and the USA. Such acquaintances are not just useful and interesting, they allow you to find business projects and partners around the world, negotiate cooperation and exchange experiences and develop  your network.

Dubai really has a lot of advantages and this is reflected in the statistics. People would not go on such a scale to a place where it is bad and terrible.

Dubai is doing everything possible to develop and attract as many people as possible. And most importantly, because of the rapidly expanding territories, there is no special congestion of people, incredible traffic jams and eternal fraud, as in other large megacities.