Why it is profitable to buy real estate under construction

Why it is profitable to buy real estate under construction

In Dubai, real estate under construction is called “off-plan”. The advantages of such a purchase are very clear, logical and transparent:

– Benefit. Buying real estate at the construction stage provides you with not only rental income in the future, but also from an increase in market value (most often a significant increase)

– Convenient and flexible payment plan. You get the opportunity to use the installment plan. Such a payment plan does not provide interest, which significantly saves your money. It is also important that such a transaction will be faster and much easier than in a bank

– Purchase of real estate directly from the developer. This simplifies the process of registration of real estate.

– Bonuses from the purchase. Various discounts and promotions that will allow you not to pay registration fees. Free service is also provided. (not always)

– The possibility of redevelopment of apartments

Each method of buying real estate has both significant advantages and some features. For example, making a commission. Often the buyer has to pay a commission for the reservation of real estate, about 5-10%, as well as make an initial payment. The remaining amount is divided into a period of 2 to 5 years.

The state is doing everything possible to protect investors from losing their investments. That is why when you transfer money to a construction company, they send it to a special bank account, where these funds are frozen until the end of construction. The exception is the withdrawal of Funds from the account directly for construction work. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or other situations, the account holder is obliged to complete the construction or make a refund to investors.

But even such a lucrative offer always has risks:

– delay in the delivery of the object. This does happen sometimes. But in order to avoid this, it is enough to competently approach the choice of a developer, take into account previous construction experience.

– Price spikes in the real estate market – In rare cases, with economic and political instability, your property may become cheaper. But this happens extremely rarely, because of the stable economy of the UAE. In any case, you will be able to increase your investments through renting out apartments or waiting for a favorable time for sale.

Real estate under construction is an excellent investment and minimal risks for investors.

You get not only the right to full ownership, but also a high percentage of profitability, convenient payment plans. To protect yourself and choose a reliable developer, contact our real estate agents or agencies.

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We will advise and tell you in detail about the benefits of purchasing real estate at the construction stage.