Top 5 in-demand specialists 2023 in Dubai

Top 5 in-demand specialists 2023 in Dubai

How often people refuse to move to another country because of work. Someone is tormented by the issue of the language barrier, someone is afraid of not finding a job for hire, and others live in fear of losing current customers and not finding new ones

But in the modern world, many professional areas are very popular in almost any country.

Let’s tell you what specialists Dubai needs:

  1. Doctors. Dubai is very popular in the field of health tourism, but highly qualified specialists are required for high-quality treatment and maximum coverage. The best of the best, those who will prove the superiority of local medicine and gain trust. Such people are appreciated and expected here. For example, a qualified dentist in Dubai earns $10,000 monthly. The number of vacancies is growing every year.
  2. Teachers. People from all over the world move to Dubai every year. For a comfortable life, they need to teach children according to the usual education system and learn languages. New schools of different directions open in the emirate every year. Such organizations always require people with knowledge of a certain language or specialists of a narrow profile. For example, a teacher of Russian or Ukrainian languages; teachers of Arabic; swimming coaches and management tutors for admission to the institute. Teachers of a high category earn from $ 3,000
  3. Managers. Millions of companies in different directions are represented in the emirate. Companies are always looking for intelligent managers, advertising agents, lawyers, copywriters, and journalists for high-quality development and financial growth. Employees of such specialties receive $4,000 a month.
  4. Real estate specialists. Dubai is noticeably and rapidly expanding. New projects of residential and commercial complexes are being developed every day. To develop an innovative project, any developer needs fresh ideas and new qualified employees. The following specialists are always in demand in the real estate sector: engineers, architects, brokers, designers, builders, and sales managers. Salary depends on qualifications and starts from $3,000.
  5. The service sector. A particularly popular type of earnings among ex-pats is the provision of various services in cosmetology, tourism, entertainment, and other areas. In the first stages of moving, people have the opportunity to get a job in a restaurant, or supermarket, or provide services privately. The authorities always support such initiatives. Income in this sector starts, as a rule, from $ 2,000.

What recruiters say

Recruitment specialists say that most often they also have to look for staff who can work with different software, have creative thinking, knowledge of copyright and web design.

About 90% of recruiters use exclusively online recruitment sites. This saves time for both the candidate and the employer. For example, a person who plans to move to Dubai can get a job even before arriving in the emirate.

Advantages of working in Dubai

In 2023, the United Arab Emirates ranks 8th in the top 10 richest countries in the world by GDP. The country offers the highest living standards for locals and foreigners. Almost every tenth inhabitant of the country is a millionaire. This is facilitated by the local wage policy.

The average salary hovers around the $4,500 mark. It is guaranteed to qualified specialists with higher education and work experience. Without it, a university graduate will get a job with a salary of $3,000 per month.

Dubai is an emirate of real opportunities. The whole atmosphere of this place speaks of career growth, development, and support.

Specialists from different fields can find jobs here to their liking. And this proves the demand. And there is demand in Dubai for literally everything. The authorities support initiatives, create conditions for working and opening their own enterprises. 80% of foreigners find work here and increase their income 2-3 times. It is also important that here you can not only earn money, but also study new specialties or improve the current category.