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The Watercrest

3-bedroom townhouses & 4-bedroom villas
from $1.633.540

The Watercrest is a premier community with 4-bedroom villas and 3-bedroom townhouses. Each villa features a private pool, modern architecture, and landscaped gardens. Townhouses, available as mid-units or corner units, come with private gardens, perfect for families.

Residents enjoy access to exceptional amenities. The River Club includes a lazy river pool, and pools for kids and adults. The Lakehouse offers a fitness studio, yoga studio, arcade room, and outdoor cinema.

The Watercrest combines modern living with luxurious comfort, providing a serene environment for residents.

World-class amenities
Swimming Pool
Kids Playground
BBQ Areas
Fitness Centre
Sports Court
Strategic location
20 min to Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall
22 minutes to Dubai International Airport
25 minutes to Mall of the Emirates
32 minutes to Palm Jumeirah
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Attractive 70/30 Payment Plan

20% At the time of booking
10% 60 days after the
reservation date
10% 120 days after the
reservation date
5% 240 days after the
reservation date
5% 360 days after the
reservation date
5% 450 days after the
reservation date
5% 540 days after the
reservation date
5% 720 days after the
reservation date
5% 900 days after the
reservation date
30% On completion


About the developer

Founded in 2014, Ellington Properties is Dubai’s leading design-led real estate developer. The company endeavours to craft beautiful properties and communities in Dubai for high-quality lifestyles.

A truly customer-centric developer in the UAE real estate market, Ellington develops beautiful residences in Dubai designed by incredible artistry and impeccable architecture. Their customers’ refined tastes inspire to create compelling luxury properties that consistently transcend fashions and trends.

Every property is built on four key pillars which are change mindsets, establish credibility, evoke emotions and differentiation.

Why Invest in Dubai?
  • Robust Growth: Dubai’s real estate market has shown consistent growth over the years, making it an attractive investment destination.
  • Tax-Free Environment: There are no capital gains tax, income tax, or property tax, allowing investors to maximize their returns and enjoy higher rental yields.
  • Strategic Location: Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai enjoys excellent connectivity and serves as a global business hub that attracts international investors and tenants, ensuring a steady demand for properties.
  • Strong Rental Market: The city’s growing population, expatriate workforce, and thriving tourism industry create a steady demand for rental properties.
  • World-Class Infrastructure: Dubai boasts world-class infrastructure, including state-of-the-art amenities, modern transportation networks, and a safe and secure environment.
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