The Source II

MODERN 1, 2 AND 3-BED APARTMENTS in Saadiyat Grove, Abu Dhabi
from $795.000

Take the next step in your wellness journey with The Source II, Saadiyat Grove. A place to put your wellbeing first, with care and tranquility at the centre of your everyday.

Nourish your mind and body in a community where you can experience the stillness of the spa bath house, find zen in the meditation rooms, or take an invigorating journey through the reflexology pathways.

The Source II is just minutes from the remarkable cultural district, Saadiyat Grove is where culture, nature, and inspiration converge for an enriching living experience.

Designed responsibly from locally sourced materials with unique biophilic design to further immerse you in nature. The development is fitted with the latest sustainable features, allowing the community to make a positive impact on the environment.

Indoor and Outdoor Pools
Communal Gardens and Farming Spaces
Salt Cave
Yoga and Meditation Rooms
Indoor Gyms
Indoor and Outdoor Kids Play Areas
Co-working Spaces and Lounges
Sustainability Features
The Source II Location
5 minutes to Zayed National Museum
7 minutes to Louvre Abu Dhabi
15 minutes to Abu Dhabi Mall
25 minutes to Yas Island
Video review
Flexible Payment Plan


Back view units only Front view units only
Milestone Date Installment 60/40 70/30
SPA Sign Date TBD 1 10% 10%
Construction Start 30-Nov-23 2 10% 15%
Pilling & enabling works completion 31-Jul-24 3 10% 10%
Sub structure works up to Upper Ground level 31-Mar-25 4 10% 15%
Super structure Completion 100% 30-Sep-25 5 10% 10%
Façade completion 31-Mar-26 6 10% 10%
Handover 30-Nov-26 7 40% 30%



Back view units only Front view units only
Milestone Date Installment 80/20 100/0
SPA Sign Date TBD 1 20% 100%
Construction Start 30-Nov-23 2 0% 0%
Pilling & enabling works completion 31-Jul-24 3 20% 0%
Sub structure works up to Upper Ground level 31-Mar-25 4 0% 0%
Super structure Completion 100% 30-Sep-25 5 20% 0%
Façade completion 31-Mar-26 6 20% 0%
Handover 30-Nov-26 7 20% 0%
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Aldar Development is a master developer of integrated, liveable, and thriving communities across Abu Dhabi’s most desirable destinations, including Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, Al Raha, and Reem Island.

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