The best investment in 2022 is sunny Dubai

The best investment in 2022 is sunny Dubai

How to dispose your savings properly in order to increase your capital and gain confidence in the future – we will tell you in our article.

Investment flow of Dubai. What to choose?

The favorable investment climate in Dubai has long been fixed and has won the trust of businessmen around the world. It is this emirate that is famous for the continuous influx of investors and entrepreneurs, the transformation from desert into a modern, innovative metropolis.

Two of the most popular and profitable investment areas:

Realty. One of the most affordable and favorite types of investments for foreign investors. Apartments, townhouses, penthouses, villas, hotel complexes are incredibly popular among the guests of Dubai. Every day about five hundred thousand tourists, entrepreneurs, expats and other people come to Dubai for work and a beautiful life. The first thing all these people need is housing. The demand for housing in Dubai is extremely high and the cost of renting or buying real estate is a proof of this. Investing in Dubai real estate is a guarantee of permanent, passive income. Every foreign citizen can buy a property in Freehold Zones, in addition to the purchase you will receive a golden UAE visa, or you can buy real estate on a lease, you own the building, but not the land itself. There is simply no better investment, in one year the cost of luxury housing has increased by 44%.

Business. UAE state laws allow foreign citizens to own up to 100% in business. It is allowed not only to invest and conduct partner work, but also to own your own enterprise on the mainland. The UAE authorities have listed 122 types of activities that foreign citizens can engage in. There are three main categories to introduce your business: provision of various services, production, and agriculture. Dubai guarantees tremendous support for those who have decided to develop and earn money on its territory.

The golden point of the world

As in any country, in the UAE, and, particularly, in Dubai, there are many ways to earn and invest. But Dubai attracts with its reliability and stability in terms of income.

Millions of people from all over the world come here to start their successful investment path from the golden point of the world. Dubai will help you not just become an apartment owner and earn income from it, it will introduce you to a new level of business, with entrepreneurs, whose books you learned to take your first steps in the world of investment and business. Dubai will teach you to live and breathe in a new way! Come and let everything work out for you!