Sobha Orbis

3 towers with meticulously crafted 1–2 bedroom apartments AT MOTOR CITY, Dubai
from $269.900

Step into the world of SOBHA ORBIS. Nestled amidst the dynamic cityscape, SOBHA ORBIS emerges as an emblem of refined living, beckoning those who crave the pinnacle of sophistication.

From its sleek architectural design to its sumptuous interior finishes, every facet of SOBHA ORBIS is meticulously curated to evoke a timeless aura of luxury. Here, indulge in a realm where extravagance knows no limits, where each amenity is tailored to fulfill your every desire, and where every moment exudes a palpable sense of grandeur.

Our meticulously crafted apartments exude sophistication and elegance, offering a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary. From sleek contemporary design to lavish finishes, every detail has been curated to indulge your senses and elevate your living experience.

Welcome to SOBHA ORBIS, where luxury finds its truest expression.

Project advantages
Resort-style Swimming Pool
Kids play area & Kids Pool
Sports court facilities
BBQ Areas
Sky Garden
F&B street
Retail Spaces
Convenient location
5 minutes to Dubai Polo Club
15 minutes to Palm Jumeirah
20 minutes to Dubai Mall
30 minutes to Dubai International Airport
4-year payment plan
Down Payment + DLD fee 20% +4% On Booking Date
1st Installment 10%
9 Months from booking date
2nd Installment 10% 16 Months from booking date
3rd Installment 10% 23 Months from booking date
4th Installment 10% 30 Months from booking date
Final Installment 20% On Completion
Discover a haven of luxury

Established in 1976, Sobha Realty has a presence in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Brunei and India. Due to an unrivaled dedication to excellence and client satisfaction, today the company is recognized as a leading and renowned property developer across the region and beyond. 

Sobha is committed to creating and delivering homes of exceptional craftsmanship, uniquely tailored to lifestyle needs in the most appealing environments. The objective is to complement the dreams of a rewarding tomorrow for each and every resident.

Dubai, a property investor’s dream

Investing in Dubai’s property market offers numerous advantages. Firstly, Dubai is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a robust economy and a rapidly growing population, ensuring a strong demand for real estate. The government’s investor-friendly policies and initiatives make it an attractive destination for both local and international investors.

Dubai boasts a stable and secure legal framework, providing a safe environment for property ownership. Furthermore, the city offers a diverse range of property options, from luxurious apartments and villas to commercial spaces, catering to various investment preferences.

Dubai’s strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and vibrant lifestyle make it a highly desirable destination for residents and tourists alike, contributing to the potential for excellent rental yields and capital appreciation.

1-bedroom apartments 1,5-bedroom apartments 2-bedroom apartments
from $269.900 from $301.400 from $465.800
538 sq. ft. to 581 sq. ft. 624 sq. ft. to 697 sq. ft. 984 sq. ft. to 988 sq. ft.
Prices and terms of payment
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