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Homeland on the shores of the Persian Gulf: Russian-speaking communities

Dubai is particularly popular among residents of Russia and other CIS countries. People who have been accustomed to the gray landscape, cold and frosty winter days from birth, sooner or later want to go to a safe, bright and warm place. Most often the choice falls on the UAE, Dubai! Dubai is a prestigious place where there is always development, earnings and communication with new, interesting people.

But what are Russians missing in Dubai? According to our survey, people do not have enough homeland. As strange as it may sound, but it really is. And it’s not about Russian-speaking citizens, but about the human factor. No matter how cold and sad it is in your city, when you leave for another country, you start to get bored. And not to miss any specific things, but music, dancing, communication, movies, products that you have eaten since childhood. To solve this cultural problem, Russian communities were created in Dubai! Community is not a literal name. Of course, all these people live in different areas and even in different emirates. They are united by a forum for communication and joint travel.

Each community has its own coordinators who organize various events:

  • Talent evening (dancing, music, singing, magic tricks, poetry)
  • film screenings
  • Cultural trips (museums, exhibitions, theater, opera, excursions)
  • cooking classes
  • exchange of experience and presentation of activities
  • exchange of contacts and places of interest
  • organization of national holidays

The community rents an office or a small living space for meetings and friendly gatherings. This brings people together and allows you to create a small homeland. Absolutely anyone can come to the community. Monetary contributions are collected only for parties and joint trips to entertainment and cultural places. Many people have met their current wives, husbands, and just close friends in such places! Such organizations have a very positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of people; they relax them, give them support, and encourage them. It is easier for people in the community to get used to the new environment, laws, and regulations.