Professional real estate agent = Bargain purchase

Professional real estate agent = Bargain purchase

Many of us have at least once thought about buying real estate in another country. Someone for moving or relaxing, and someone for investing and increasing capital. But the search process, and even more so the registration of a purchase and sale transaction is extremely difficult.

Even experienced investors who regularly make such transactions use the services of a real estate agent to protect themselves from possible risks and resolve legal issues. When contacting a broker, you save both time and money. Despite the fact that the agent will need to pay a fee, it is he who saves your money. The agent always has a team of savvy lawyers who will not make mistakes in the documents, mortgage brokers who will help in solving the financial issue, and the presence of a broker provides a guarantee of a fair and reasonable price.

Agent Functions

  • Preparation and execution of documents for the transaction

At the beginning, the broker finds out what documents may be needed for the transaction, and also helps with their registration. The agent analyzes the history of the object (hidden problems, transparency of the registered property, the presence of obligations of the current owner).

  • Market Analysis

The agent always analyzes the prices on the real estate market, based on your desires and capabilities. It is not profitable for the broker if the client changed his mind about buying real estate because of too high a price or after the purchase was dissatisfied with the cost and services of the agency. The broker’s rating is growing thanks to successful deals and satisfied customers who will advise their friends of a particular agent or agency.

  •  Assistance in obtaining funds

Good agencies always have the opportunity to negotiate with local banks to issue loans on favorable terms for their clients. This can be useful both directly for the purchase of real estate, and for further residence and solving personal or work issues abroad. Brokers will help you decide on the bank and conditions, make statements and collect the necessary documents to receive money.

  •  Real housing valuation

If you have just arrived in Dubai, it may seem to you that everything is fine in the local apartments: a large kitchen, a beautiful view from the window, air conditioning, private parking and so on. But a broker who has already viewed thousands of apartments, villas and townhouses will not be so inspired by a simple interior, he will be worried about more serious, hidden problems: in a large and beautiful kitchen, the sink may leak or the skirting board along the kitchen furniture may fall off. In a beautiful bathroom – mold or smudges due to dampness. And the beautiful landscape outside the window in a year will be blocked by the construction of a new residential complex. The same is true with real estate under construction – the developer can tell and promise anything, but only the broker will receive reliable information about previous construction experience, the fulfillment of promises and the legality of contracts.

A talented person is a professional in his field

Investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, teachers are people who specialize in certain skills and abilities. Such professionals will not risk their money and time for the sake of dubious benefits, which most often leads to an accumulation of problems and troubles. Similarly, real estate agents are unlikely to save on teachers for their children or prefer to get a haircut at home rather than in a barber shop. This only means that all people are good in their field of knowledge, and it is better to get new information and skills in real estate through positive experience and good acquaintances with a professional broker!


A real estate broker is a guarantee of a safe transaction, and only reliable specialists work at Eva Real Estate.