Prices in Dubai: from housing to food and entertainment

Prices in Dubai: from housing to food and entertainment

Dubai is one of the most prestigious and expensive places for tourism and accommodation. When planning a trip or moving to Dubai, you need to familiarize yourself with the local price policy, make a plan, conduct analytics and be ready to spend.

The price of rental housing

The cost of renting apartments is growing every year, which is why real estate investments are so popular here.

Currently, the average annual rental rate for an apartment from 70,000 dirhams, and for a villa from 200,000 dirhams. The highest prices are recorded in The Palm Jumeirah area, where the annual rental of apartments will approximately 140,000 dirhams.

There are also more budget options suitable for tourists and foreigners who have come to work or are waiting to receive their property.

The Bur Dubai area is considered the most affordable for property renting. This area is not so far from the center, it has a mode of public transport and developed infrastructure.

Prices for apartments in this area start from $67 per night. You can also rent a room only, then the night will cost $ 25-30.

But if you are used to comfort, you want to live in the center and at the same time not pay a huge rental rate, then there are several options:

– Rent a small studio on the Palm Jumeirah, in the Amani apart-hotel ($140 – 260)

– Jumeirah Beach Residence, in the Dubai Marina area, stylish apartments ($160 – 460)

– Cozy apartments in Downtown Dubai. (120 – 240$)

– Guesta Apartments, Dubai Marina. (150 – 280$)

Here prices will depend on the season and the location of the restaurant or entertainment center.


– supermarket. Meat products (1 kg) – 40 AED, eggs – 25 AED, cheeses (150 gr) 40 AED, milk – 8-10 AED, water (1.5 liters) – 1 AED, fresh vegetables – 6-10 AED, fresh fruit – 4-35 AED. An average grocery basket with everything you need for 2-3 days can be collected for ~ 80-120 AED

– Cafes and restaurants in the center, premium. Dinner in a good restaurant for two (with alcoholic beverages) from 500 AED

– Cafes and restaurants of medium category. Pizza in the cafe will cost ~ 60-70 AED, and seafood will approximately 90-100 AED

– Fast food. A shawarma in a street shop will cost about 10-12 AED, and a combo lunch at McDonald’s ~30 AED


– Prices for casual clothes. In stores of the “H&M” category, prices do not bite much and are an order of magnitude lower than in some European and CIS countries.

– Premium clothing prices. Branded items are certainly expensive, but if you go to a discount center, you can buy a thing with a good discount. Discounted branded jeans from 150 AED, outerwear, such as a jumper, a sweater from 80 AED.

– Excursions. Excursions can be ordered through online services or at the offices of travel agencies. After conducting an analysis, we found that the average prices for various excursions are about the following: from $ 35 for a jeep safari, from $ 25 for a sightseeing tour, from $ 250 for a yacht trip, from $ 190 for a helicopter flight.

– Children’s centers. Dubai Parks and Resorts – from 295 AED, IMG Worlds of Adventure – from 132 AED, KidZania- 80 AED.

– Entertainment shows. Aquashow La Perle by Dragone – from 259 AED, Dubai opera – from 195 to 1850 AED.

Dubai is a very interesting and diverse emirate. It can be very expensive or can be affordable depending on your lifestyle, just like everywhere else! Dubai gives incredible impressions and sincere emotions.

Life in this emirate is a daily development. Wherever you go, you will definitely see something new and shocking. Well, the financial costs depend only on you and your desires! You can save money anytime and everywhere, the main thing is not to save on a cool and interesting life!