Medicine for foreigners in Dubai

Medicine for foreigners in Dubai

During a long stay or moving to another country, the issue of medical care always comes to the fore and is shrouded in anxiety.

People often face fears that are caused by seemingly ordinary questions:

  • How do I get insurance?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Are there Russian-speaking doctors?
  • How expensive is medicine in Dubai?
  • How to find a good pediatric doctor?

In the article, we will answer all the questions in detail and tell you the sequence of actions when applying for insurance and choosing a clinic.

Insurance in Dubai for foreigners

The local healthcare system includes two sectors: public (for locals or residence permits) and private (for expats). Also, for residents of Dubai, it is necessary to issue a medical insurance policy.

You don’t have to worry about the level of medical care. Over the past 10 years, the UAE has entered the TOP 5 countries for health and medical tourism.

In Dubai, there is an insurance program “Saada”, which offers insurance coverage for citizens who are not included in government programs.

The program opens a large list of affordable medical centers, both private and public.

If you are employed, the employer is obliged to provide you with health insurance. At the same time, there is no deduction from wages.

Private Health Insurance

Expats should purchase a policy from a private insurer. Paid insurance has a large number of advantages:

  • Access to medical centers and clinics
  • Selection of various programs and additional options
  • A variety of insurance options
  • No penalty (if you do not take out insurance, you will have to pay a fine that is 2-3 times more than private insurance)

How does private insurance work?

In case of any accident, you must first call the insurer and report the incident. The insurance company will advise and tell you where it is better to apply. After treatment, you need to send a check to the insurer to receive compensation. But in some cases, you don’t even have to do this, sometimes the cost of medical services is paid directly by the insurance company.

Which insurance company to choose

It is important to pay attention only to registered companies, so you will definitely be confident in the authenticity of your policy and in receiving the necessary services.

The following companies operate in the UAE:

  • IMG (Global Medical Insurance Program)
  • Allianz Care
  • Cigna Global
  • Swiss care (the most inexpensive health insurance program with some restrictions for residents of the UAE)

The price of insurance and treatment in private clinics

It is much more profitable to purchase private insurance with a certain amount and an unlimited set of services. For example, one visit to a therapist in Dubai can cost $ 200-400.

And the cost of a private medical policy varies from $ 30,000. The price includes emergency care in the UAE, some tests, inpatient and outpatient treatment, diagnostics, surgery, physiotherapy (up to 6 procedures per year). But the services of a dentist and an ophthalmologist can be obtained only with extended insurance or for an additional fee, but once.

Service in public clinics

Tourists and investors can be treated in public clinics, but on a fee basis. To do this, you need to issue a DHA — Health Card. The document is received at one of the Health Care Centers or issued online on the DHA website.

To do this, you will need to provide some documents:

  • Passport with visa + scans
  • Emirates ID + copy
  • Real estate lease agreement or the latest DEWA bill (includes electricity, water, housing and sewerage charges);
  • 2 photos of similar photos on the passport.

The cost of registration:

  • Up to 10 years – $ 30
  • From 10 to 18 years – 57$
  • Over 18 years – 85$

Public clinics, of course, have advantages, but expats most often turn to private centers. The main reason is the English-speaking staff.

Therefore, when applying for a private policy, it is most convenient to visit private clinics and centers.

Let’s summarize. There are 3 main principles of medical care that will help you understand all the laws, procedures and bring clarity:

  • The policyholder pays 20% of the cost of medical care if the cost of a visit to the doctor does not exceed $136 (AED 500) and $272 (AED 500). All expenses in excess of these amounts are borne by the insurance company.
  • The policy covers 70% of the cost of purchasing medicines, if the amount does not exceed $410 (AED 1,500) per year per person.
  • For the first six months, the policy does not cover the treatment of chronic diseases, but after 6 months, the insurance company will cover these costs.

How to get insurance before arriving in Dubai

At passport control, you will already need to present an insurance policy, which must necessarily contain certain points:

  • Coronavirus treatment
  • Medical evacuation to your country (by nationality)
  • Transportation according to medical indications

The recommended amount of insurance coverage should be at least 50,000 euros. You can apply for a policy at the office of a travel operator, at an insurance company or on the website.

Instructions for emergency medical care

Dubai guarantees free first aid in an emergency. To do this, you need to: call the number “999” (police), “998” (ambulance) or the number specified in the insurance policy. During the day, we report the incident to the insurance company and fix the appeal. You should not go to the clinic without informing the insurance company about it, you may have to pay for such treatment yourself!

TOP 3 private medical centers in Dubai in different directions:

  1. Zuleikha Hospital Dubai

A private multidisciplinary medical center, which is part of the Zulekha Healthcare Group of clinics.

Specialization — cardiology and cardiac surgery, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology.

The quality of medical services is confirmed by the JCI international certificate and the Dubai Quality Award.

Approximate prices:

  • Blood test 300$
  • Consultation of a surgeon 600$
  1. Hairplasis Clinic

Hairplasis is an aesthetic medicine center located in Dubai, UAE. He specializes in hair transplantation and the treatment of hair loss.

This is the only clinic in Dubai where artificial intelligence is available to analyze the condition of hair and create an individual transplant plan. This allows you to make the procedure as effective as possible for each patient.

Approximate prices:

  • Plasma hair 300$
  • Hair transplant 2000$
  1. Medcare Al Safa Hospital

is a multidisciplinary center that includes a children’s department with first—class specialists.

Approximate prices:

  • Initial admission from $ 200

Dubai is famous for a large selection of medical centers and a variety of clinics. The cost of treatment is lower than in Western countries, for example in the USA. But in terms of the quality of medical services, Dubai, and the UAE as a whole, breaks all world records.

If you arrange insurance competently and profitably, study the information and rules, then you can easily contact any specialists and receive compensation for both treatment and medications.