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How to choose a Real Estate agent and not make a mistake

Before buying a property in a foreign country it is necessary to study all the internal features and processes. Each country has its own rules and regulations which are formed at the expense of legislation. Sometimes, even in your own state, there are many difficulties with the choice of real estate.

It is important to take into account not only the complexity of the transaction and the price range, but also the paperwork according to all laws, the implementation of the correct calculation.

The real estate agent is engaged in solving all these issues, providing timely assistance, taking into account wishes and preferences.

First of all, the agent undertakes all legal and documentary work to free the buyer from being introduced into all internal processes, constant negotiations and meetings, as well as to protect the buyer from mistakes that can lead to losses not only of time, but also of money.

When choosing an agent, follow some rules that will help you find a real professional:

  • Availability of a license.
  • Broker from a trusted real estate agency, with good reviews and qualified staff.
  • Agent’s work experience. The more transactions the broker has conducted, the less time he will need to find the right object and close all legal issues.
  • Databases of real estate objects. The agent must have a database of all the objects sold in the city/ emirate/ district.
  • Reasonable price of services. To compare prices and determine the most profitable way for yourself, you can communicate with different agencies and determine for yourself an acceptable price that will be justified by the quality of work.
  • List of duties that the agent will carry out.
  • High-quality agency website with useful information, open communication and answers to popular questions.
  • Specialization in the right market segment. The agent must know the city and specialize in the area that interests you, as well as the specifics of the object itself.
  • Attentiveness, openness and honesty. The agent must honestly tell you about all controversial issues, take into account your wishes and help you with any issues related to the acquisition of real estate.

Agents perform a large number of services, from standard negotiations, to finding buyers and providing consulting services, in order to maximize the transparency of the transaction and the client’s understanding of the purchase and sales process.

If you want to buy a property in Dubai and at the same time, quietly go about your business and be sure of the security of your funds and transactions, then you definitely need a good and proven broker with a brilliant reputation.

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An agent is a guarantee of transaction transparency, speed and accuracy!

In our agency Eva Real Estate employs only professional brokers with many years of experience. We will help in solving non-standard situations, discuss all of the details and select the best project for you!