Features of everyday life in Dubai

Features of everyday life in Dubai

When planning a trip or moving to Dubai, we must not forget that in the UAE people live according to strict Muslim laws. Certainly, in large cities like Dubai, people are more modern and tolerant, and the rules are less strict, but still, they are there.

Nowadays, there is no strict dress code that applies to tourists and expatriates in Dubai, but to express respect and understanding of Muslim culture and mentality, respectful clothing is welcomed.

Dress code for women

The requirements for foreigners’ clothing are less strict than for locals

  • Covered shoulders and knees. This does not mean that you should buy yourself a closed floor-length dress and quietly wander the streets. It is enough to replace a tank top with a T-shirt, and shorts with joggers or a skirt.
  • Tight jeans. Mostly clothes should be loose and not fit too tightly to the body. You can choose light trousers with a loose fit or classic jeans
  • Cleavage area. Choose clothes with a medium-sized neckline or use a scarf

Dress code for men

The requirements for male appearance are even less strict, but again there are some rules:

  • Shorts. In some establishments, a man in shorts may not be allowed to enter. Trousers are welcome in Dubai as part of men’s casual wardrobe
  • Naked torso. The torso should always be covered with a T-shirt or top
  • Flip-flops. You should not wear beach shoes, it is better to choose sneakers or any other type of light shoes

These rules apply to everyday life and visiting public places, but are taken very lightly. But if you are going to a mosque, then women need to take a headscarf with them to cover their heads. It is individual to take off your shoes before entering the mosque, your socks should be clean and without any holes, this applies to both men and women.

But on the beach or by the pool, you can completely relax and walk around in a swimsuit, shorts and flip-flops.

In addition to the dress code, there are local rules and laws:

  • Alcohol. Alcohol is strictly prohibited among the locals. You won’t be able to find it on the shelves in a store or buy it on the street. Drinking alcohol is prohibited on the streets of Dubai and in public places, but it has become possible to buy alcohol for tourists in hotels, some clubs and bars – you can consume alcohol either in a hotel room, apartment or special bars
  • Smoking. Everything is much easier with tobacco products. You can buy cigarettes in local stores and smoke in strictly designated places, which are indicated by the corresponding plates
  • Photos. It is undesirable to photograph or videotape local residents and other tourists
  • Romantic. In public places it is better to do without hugs and kisses
  • Do not eat “on the go”. According to Muslim customs, you can eat only at the table and in specially designated places
  • Garbage. Never throw cigarette butts or pieces of paper on the street, impressive fines are provided for this.

If you follow these simple and necessary rules that call people to a peaceful and civilized life, then you will be able to live in Dubai with comfort and positivity.

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After all, due to strict rules and laws, the UAE is considered one of the safest countries in the world, where everyone will find something pleasant, bright, and harmonious for themselves.