Dubai – the Emirate of childhood

Dubai – the Emirate of childhood

Families with children of different ages move to Dubai every year. Moving is already a very important and responsible moment, which requires balanced decisions and financial literacy.

When the problem with the purchase of real estate is solved, and the documents are issued, it is necessary to devote time and effort to the implementation of children’s needs:

  • Which school should I go to?
  • Which kindergarten should I choose?
  • Where to find a good sports section?
  • How can a child learn a language and find friends?

Ignorance of the answers to these questions literally gives every parent a splitting headache! But there are answers and a huge selection of educational and development organizations, of course!


This is the only Russian school in the UAE. It is located between the Emirate of Dubai and Sharjah. Teaching at the school is conducted according to Russian educational programs. Children from different CIS countries study here: Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and others. Individual plans and conditions are created for each student. At this school, everything is aimed at preserving cultural traditions and values, at developing personality and potential. The organization conducts a strict and professional selection of personnel for the formation of the teaching staff. Only qualified teachers who understand the specifics of working abroad are allowed to students.

The main tasks of teachers:

  • Informatization of the education system;
  • improving the quality of educational training of students;
  • ensuring individualization and differentiation of education;
  • support for gifted students in various educational fields;
  • development of educational and research culture of students based on their inclusion in project activities;
  • preparation of 9th and 11th grade students for final certification in the form of the Unified State Exam in the Russian language, mathematics and subjects included in the list of elective disciplines;
  • improving the professional competence of teaching staff and creating conditions for the dissemination of teachers’ pedagogical experience;
  • development of initiative, independence, sense of responsibility of students through the formation of a system of student self-government;
  • improving the organization of extracurricular and extracurricular activities, increasing the level of educational work in general;
  • development of the social partnership system;
  • introduction of health-saving technologies into the educational process.

Education at the school is carried out on a five-day working week. Every day students attend 5-8 lessons, including additional education, social and psychological work, as well as sports sections.

Preferential services:

  • School bus (two routes)
  • Library with world literature
  • Uniform school uniform
  • Preparatory classes KG1 and KG2 are open at the school
  • the program “Gifted Children” for the development of creative and research potential of students
  • Parent Club (discussion platform)

The admission of a child to a Russian international school is the preservation of identity, quality education, guaranteed communication with peers and comprehensive development!


School education in Dubai is among the most prestigious and progressive in the world. The local education system is primarily aimed at maximizing the potential of each child.

Advantages of studying at one of the local schools:

  • English language acquisition and language practice
  • Cultural and national exchange of knowledge
  • Qualified teaching staff
  • The opportunity to enroll in local universities
  • Security

Schools are annually certified by the state organization The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), according to the results of which an official rating is formed and grades are given.


  • Al Mizhar American Academy. The American system of education, teaching is carried out in English. The tuition fee for the year is 55,137 AED
  • Universal American School. The American system, the language of instruction is English. The cost of training for the year is 66,500 AED
  • Dubai British School. The training system is British, teaching in English. Cost per year 66,500 AED
  • GEMS World Academy Dubai. IB learning system, English. Cost per year 94,500 AED
  • German International School Shrjah. The German education system. Languages: German and English. 36,500 AED per year of study.
  • Our Own High School, Al Warqa. Indian education system. The language is English. The cost per year of study is 9,915 AED

The cost of training directly depends on the class and level of education. With the transition to high school, the amount for education services will gradually increase.


Schools operate according to the curriculum of the UAE Ministry of Education. The main language of instruction is Arabic, but there are schools with teaching in English.

Public educational institutions in Dubai usually provide 4 levels of education:

  • preschool education (for children 3-5 years old);
  • primary school: Grades 1-5 (6-11 years);
  • junior high school grades: Grade 6-9 (12-15 years old);
  • senior high school classes: grades 10-12 (16-18 years old).

The school week in the UAE lasts from Sunday to Thursday, which at first may be unusual for children from Russia and CIS countries.

In the UAE, various educational programs are implemented and different languages are practiced for teaching disciplines. Each school is certified and is subject to strict regulations. Such measures simplify the search for a school for parents of students. Private or public school – it doesn’t matter. High-quality education and comprehensive development will be carried out everywhere.

Before you start looking for an educational institution, pay attention to the following points:

  • Education system
  • Language of instruction
  • Contingent
  • Additional education and languages
  • Tuition fees
  • Transport accessibility
  • Feedback from students and parents
  • The possibility of further admission to the university

With a competent and careful study of the information, you will find the right school for your child and get an excellent quality education!

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