Dubai real estate market expects high growth in 2023

Dubai real estate market expects high growth in 2023

All indicators paint a very dynamic picture of the development of the real estate market in Dubai. Already in 2023, a record 13.5% jump is expected! This is quite a logical increase, due to the high demand of investors for luxury real estate in the emirate.

Despite the high standard of living, technology, and high-speed development, Dubai is considered the most affordable option for the purchase of first-class housing. If we take the average number, then a square meter of apartments in one of the central districts comes out to about $ 8,000.

Dubai attracts not only with beautiful landscapes, technological buildings and comfort, but also stable security. The UAE is one of the safest countries where personal space, inviolability, and rights of every person are valued.  this fact attracts so many investors, businesses, men, and other individuals who are looking for not just a long-term and profitable investment, but also confidence in their safety and security of capital.

The World Championship in Qatar has also become an important growth factor. After the championship, there were arenas with unusual architectural solutions in the form of a Bedouin tent, sails and completely made of containers. Today, tourists still come to see these structures, can take a walk, and listen to special football excursions. All fans need to stay somewhere and, as usual, they rent accommodation in Dubai to combine their holidays with various excursion programs. But Dubai is popular not only because of the last championship, new and extraordinary facilities, restaurants with exotic food, new outlets, and natural parks which are open in the emirate almost daily, and all this factors, attracts tourists from all over the world. Perhaps, one of the significant reasons for coming or moving to Dubai is its stable political and economic situation. People come here for freedom, earnings and peace of mind, they feel confident and protected. Today it is difficult to find a more stable and positive place on the planet. With such events, the Dubai real estate market can literally melt down!

Dubai has repeatedly confirmed its economic superiority over other emirates and countries of the East. Today, when people talk about buying property in Dubai, they argue their choice: profit, convenience, comfort and a competent investment in the future!

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