Dubai: features of life and unusual facts about the country

Dubai: features of life and unusual facts about the country

Dubai is a solar, mystery. It would seem that everything is normal, clear and accessible here. But it’s not! You can write thousands of books about Dubai, but you won’t be able to tell everything! In this article, we will tell you about the emirate’s most striking and unusual features!


  1. 85% of the tourists and that planning fact always pleases tourists and those planning to move to Dubai. After all, it is absolutely not necessary to learn Arabic – every second person in Dubai communicates in English
  2. The climate in Dubai is quite hot and humid, in summer the temperature is about 43 degrees and the humidity is 78 percent. High humidity, is felt mainly. The climate is quite mild in late autumn, winter, and early springtime is quite mild.
  3. During the religious fast of Ramadan, foreigners and other citizens are not prohibited from drinking and eating on the streets, as was customary before. But most people, as a sign of respect for the culture of Islam, refrain from demonstrative eating.
  4. Freedom and restrictions. Dubai has long been accustomed to foreign guests and treats them very tolerant and democratically. But still there are some rules that should be followed: do not swear and sort things out in public; do not take pictures of strangers and accidents on the road; do not discuss your personal life with strangers. The UAE is very specific, but this is what attracts millions of tourists and investors!
  5. Pork and alcohol. Despite being well-adapted that the country is Muslim, it is well-adapted to foreigners. In almost every district there are specialty stores where you can buy meat products and alcohol


The Burj Al Arab Hotel alone holds so much gold that he t it would be enough to cover the portrait of Mona Lisa 46,265 times. This is more than 1,700 squar meters of the most expensive and purest gold, or one-fourth of the area of a standard football field.

  • More than 25% of the world’s gold passes through Dubai or settles in it
  • One official police car in the United Arab Emirates costs more than paying for 4-6 years of study at an American college
  • The amount of sand spent on the construction of the Palm Jumeirah could fill 2 containers with the volume of the Empire State Building.
  • Dubai has the tallest skyscraper in the world.
  • The longest automatic subway route has been created in the UAE.
  • The country has the largest flower garden in the world.
  • The already mentioned Burj Al Arab is the only 7-star hotel in the world.
  • Innovations – humanity-free stops and robot consultants
  • Humanity – free racks with water spills, special equipment places with food and water for homeless animals

This is only a small part of the huge list of achievements of the UAE. After all, everything here is the most huge, expensive and unusual. The UAE, in particular Dubai, has long been tired of breaking records and setting new ones. But what to do? The people demand rapid development and recognition!

The UAE is an amazing place where Arabs hire foreigners, where anyone can buy real estate, get a visa and live fully, and participate in the formation of the emirate, where portions in restaurants are as gigantic as the towers of high-rise buildings!

Dubai “grew” in fact in 15 years, and later the UAE was recognized as the richest country in the world. It is this rapid development of both the state and the individual that is promoted by the current laws and way of life. Investing in Dubai – you transform your life!