Dubai – an investment in comfort

Dubai – an investment in comfort

Dubai is rightfully considered the center of the UAE for development, earnings and a prosperous life.

People from all over the world come here every day. For some of them, Dubai is earnings and investments, for others — warmth, safety and comfort. Every year Dubai rises in the rankings and develops the spheres of business, tourism, life of local residents and foreigners. Dubai is different, but equally warm for everyone. It’s up to you to decide what you get out of this place!

In this article we will talk about working in Dubai, investments and the life of foreigners!

Work in Dubai

Dubai is very popular with those who want to continue to work for hire. There are a lot of vacancies, intensive growth of the emirate’s development of business centers and offices. Here you will be able to do the work you know for a very high salary, which is complemented by a social package and medical support.

A foreigner can get a job by obtaining a permit and a work card, as well as by applying for a work visa, and later a resident visa.

A work visa is issued for 30 days. At this time, a person can work and do paperwork, the main thing is to have time to pass medical tests. After obtaining a visa, a foreigner can live and work in the emirate for 2-3 years.

You will not be able to apply for a resident visa yourself, only the employer should do this. Applications are usually considered for about two weeks. After the procedure is completed, the visa is pasted into the passport. If all the documents are collected correctly and there are no questions for you, then 90% of the visa will be approved for you.

The most popular jobs in Dubai:

  • Sales Manager
  • -Real estate Broker
  • Marketer
  • Head of construction projects
  • Architect

– Novice specialists in various fields (guest business, car rental, real estate agency, maintenance of houses and apartments)

There is really a lot of work in Dubai, but in order to get the coveted vacancy and receive a high salary, you will have to prove your superiority and demonstrate talent for the specialty. The competitiveness in this emirate is really great!


Dubai’s tax-free environment opens up great opportunities for investors from all over the world!

  1. Business investment. According to UAE law, a foreign investor can invest in a business and own it up to 100%. The most profitable sectors for investment are the agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors.
  2. Savings accounts. The investor can transfer his funds to and receive a fixed percentage depending on the bank. Every foreigner can open such a bank account.
  3. The UAE stock market. Investors can participate in trading on the UAE Stock Exchange through brokers. To do this, you need to get a special number for trading and open an account with a broker. Also, an investor can receive passive income from an ETF stock. When buying such a stock, the investor receives several stocks and bonds on markets around the world! This type of investment is considered safe and minimizes all possible risks.
  4. Real estate investments. The most popular and win-win investment option. Dubai’s real estate market breaks new records every year. If an investor buys an apartment in a prestigious area, he can apply not only for a golden visa, but also for a high fixed income from a future sale or monthly rental. There is always a demand for real estate in the UAE, and especially in Dubai! Tourists, businessmen, migrants, foreign investors and specialists – these categories always buy or rent housing for life and work!

The life of a foreigner in Dubai

Sunny, bright, expensive and multinational Dubai is always happy to welcome new guests and those who plan to stay longer. The emirate proved its hospitality not with words, but with real deeds and care for foreign citizens:

– Language loyalty. The official language of the UAE is Arabic. But the government understands that 9 out of 10 residents are foreign citizens. Therefore, all signs, restaurant menus and even official documents are duplicated in English.

– Tolerance of other religions. The religion of the UAE is Islam. And once it was really a very tough and traditional Islamic country. But now everything has changed! The UAE annually softens the rules of the Muslim way of life and allows foreign citizens to lead a habitual lifestyle.

– The cost of living in Dubai. The average family of 3 people spends about $7,000 a month, with average earnings of $9,000. The main item of expenditure for foreign families is housing. Renting in Dubai is really not the cheapest, which is why it is so important and profitable to purchase a property!

If you look at the percentage of spending per month, you get the following figure:

– Rental housing 41%

– Products 14%

– Transport 9%

– Clothing 7%

– Entertainment and food 5%

From here we understand that life in Dubai is not as expensive as you can imagine. If you earn from local investments or are employed, then you are guaranteed to get a decent salary for a decent life!

With a competent investment of funds or a device for a good and sought-after specialty, Dubai can provide you and your family with a carefree and bright life.

The UAE government is always happy to attract smart and talented people to boost the country’s economy and its rating. It is with comfortable conditions and decent earnings that the UAE attracts more and more foreign investors and specialists every day!