Dubai Land Department (DLD) has presented it’s new strategic plan for 2026

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has presented it’s new strategic plan for 2026

The Department has identified strategic initiatives classified according to the main priorities. Members of the department’s team will work on the provision and implementation of plans in cooperation with various partners and customers.

This approach will provide the necessary support for the transformation of the DLD from the current position to the future implementation of the plan. Five main areas for work have been identified. DLD strives to support sector goals and strategic directions.

 Main stages

As for the implementation plan of the approved initiatives, it includes three main stages. The first is the launch of quick-benefit initiatives to ensure that DLD adapts to the proposed changes. The second stage is empowerment by working to expand the capabilities of both the real estate sector and DLD, providing the necessary support for the smooth implementation of the transformation. The third stage is to achieve a sustainable impact by expanding the sphere of influence to cover the global real estate system. Development of an updated strategy DLD strategies to ensure the best results according to four fundamental principles:

  1. Impact on achieving evolution and sustainable development in the real estate sector
  2. Local adaptation through the application of world unique practices and their adaptation to the conditions of the local emirate market
  3. Global leadership through the implementation of a plan where Dubai acts as a role model in the real estate sector.

Cooperation and harmonization based on the broad participation of all stakeholders in the implementation of the DLD plan.

The DLD strategy appeared and began to be publicized after the UAE proved its reliability and showed global changes and results in all areas, at different levels! It is important that the strategy can become a qualitative addition that will increase the contribution of the real estate sector to the Dubai runway!