Green haven in the desert of Abu Dhabi

AlJurf Gardens
phase 2

luxury villas in the most pristine coastline in the Emirates—Sahel Al Emarat
from $850.000

AlJurf Gardens is where, decades ago, tens of thousands of trees were planted to create a green haven in the desert of Abu Dhabi. Even the name has an aura—it is possible at once to lose and to find yourself among the trees and natural landscape, following a path that leads from the thoughtfully interwoven coastal ranches to the private and secluded beach.

AlJurf Gardens is a natural masterpiece; an intricate tapestry of 500 landscaped plots designed to seamlessly integrate within the natural, raw beauty of AlJurf.

Inspired by local culture, AlJurf Gardens tames the wilderness of its surroundings by introducing refined architecture patterns repeated in different scales to reflect nature’s exquisiteness across every topology of homes, gardens and courtyards.

A world of breathtaking nature meets tranquility. Phase 2 of AlJurf Gardens has now launched with two exquisite villa types, ‘Joud’ and ‘Budoor’. Joud offers 3-bedroom villas which are a work of art, combining elements of traditional architecture with contemporary design. Budoor offers 2-to-5 bedroom villas inspired by our pristine environs and bringing a sense of community to our coastal sanctuary.

Private Entrance
Away from the bustling crowds and quick paced city, with a private and gated entrance, lies AlJurf Gardens. Stepping through the gates, one walks into a place that leads simple lives full of authentic time for family and friends, in a private and secure environment. It's a haven where you feel safe and free to be yourself; to find inner peace.
Private Beach
AlJurf Gardens boasts its own private beach and coastal shores stretching alongside the development’s border, protecting its residents from the outside world.
Private Marina
Comfortably nestled on the shores of the beautiful coast of AlJurf and a short walk through the trees and lush greenery lies the private marina, accessible exclusively to the residents of AlJurf Gardens for an actively enriching lifestyle.
Community Centered
AlJurf Gardens has the community at its heart. It boasts a majlis, courtyard architecture, mosques and a community centre; offering a welcoming setting to come together.
Location proximities
35 minutes to Expo City Dubai
39 minutes to Dubai Marina
39 minutes to Abu Dhabi International Airport
40 minutes to Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
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Payment Plans
1st Option Till Completion 30/70 10% on Signing 20% During Construction 70% Construction Completion
2nd Option Till Completion 40/60 10% on Signing 30% During Construction & Till Completion 60% Construction Completion
3rd Option 4 Year Payment Plan 10% on Signing 30% During Construction & Till Completion 60% Over 4 Installments (Post-Completion)
4th Option 5 Year Payment Plan 10% on Signing 30% During Construction & Till Completion 60% Over 6 Installments (Post-Completion)

The United Arab Emirates offers many opportunities to buy real estate. Now is the best time to invest in this market thanks to low interest rates and generous financing programs. In addition, the UAE is a stable country with impressive economic growth, a high level of security and a convenient geographic location.

Buying a property here is not only an investment in the future, but also an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable life in one of the most attractive places on the planet.

About the developer

Abu Dhabi-based real estate developer IMKAN has earned its reputation with a portfolio of 26 projects spanning two continents. Their ethos is to create soulful places that enrich people’s lives.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Capital Group, IMKAN’s proposition is built around a unique research platform that identifies the needs and desires of its customer segment, from millennials to discerning high-net-worth individuals.

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