48 Parkside
by Tabeer Development

elegant 1- to 3-bedroom apartments with private pools in Arjan, Dubai
from $237.000

48 Parkside in Arjan (Al Barsha South), Dubai, offers upscale apartments with unmatched amenities, blending luxury and comfort. Residents can relish in a rooftop garden, business center, 24/7 security, and views of a lush adjacent park.

Our apartments are sanctuaries of tranquility and luxury. Every detail, from the softest linens to the carefully designed layouts, is crafted to provide a restful retreat.

Spacious and elegantly appointed, our apartments offer a harmonious blend of comfort and style. Wake up to breathtaking views and enjoy a sense of serenity that only Tabeer can deliver.

With facilities ranging from a state-of-the-art wellness center semi-olympic size to infinity pools and a kids’ pool, it epitomizes the pinnacle of modern luxury living.

Project advantages
Semi Olympic Size Infinity Pool
Sky Leisure Deck
Natural Rooftop Garden & Sitting Area
Kids Pool
BBQ Area
Wellness Centre
Jogging Track
Mini Golf
Smart Home
Concierge Service 24/7
Perfect location
2 minutes to Dubai Miracle Garden
7 minutes to Dubai Hills Mall
7 minutes to Global Village
20 minutes to Downtown Dubai
Video review
Convenient payment Plan
Downpayment 10% On Booking
1st Installment 10% Within 45 Days Of Booking
2nd Installment 10% Upon 20 % Construction
3rd Installment 10% Upon 40 % Construction
4th Installment 10% Upon 60 % Construction
5th Installment 50% On Completion (June 2025)

Investing in Dubai’s property market offers numerous advantages. Firstly, Dubai is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a robust economy and a rapidly growing population, ensuring a strong demand for real estate. The government’s investor-friendly policies and initiatives make it an attractive destination for both local and international investors.

Dubai boasts a stable and secure legal framework, providing a safe environment for property ownership. Furthermore, the city offers a diverse range of property options, from luxurious apartments and villas to commercial spaces, catering to various investment preferences.

Dubai’s strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and vibrant lifestyle make it a highly desirable destination for residents and tourists alike, contributing to the potential for excellent rental yields and capital appreciation.

About the developer

Tabeer goes beyond construction; we translate dreams into architectural masterpieces, enhancing your lifestyle. Our meticulously planned developments seamlessly integrate with Dubai’s vibrant culture, ensuring convenience and a sense of belonging.

We’re reshaping real estate in Dubai, ushering in a new era where dreams materialize. Step into a world where real estate isn’t just built; it’s envisioned, interpreted, and transformed into living, breathing artistry.

Tabeer Development aspires to revolutionize the concept of luxurious living, setting the gold standard for opulent, eco-conscious, and forward-thinking lifestyles.

Prices and terms of payment
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